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Saturday, January 10, 2009 17 comments

Wu Lou (Gourd) - Prosperity and Health
Lucky symbol in 2009 Year of the Ox for those of us born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster

My cup runneth over: in the past few days, I've been tagged for the first time and received my second blog award!

Elizabeth, aka Chef E, at The Behind the Wheel Chef tagged me for Fingers Crossed and Resolutions, so here they are:

Fingers Crossed:
#1 That my husband and I will take another international trip this year;
#2 That my sisters and their families will also visit the Philippines to rekindle family ties;
#3 That I will have one article published in a national periodical of any kind;
#4 That our dog will be cured of his toxic flatulence (more like "Wishful Thinking").

The broad theme of my 2009 resolutions is "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" - that I will not let fear of failure and self-doubt stop me from achieving my goals. To that end, I resolve specifically to:

#1 Submit articles and story ideas to magazines and newspapers. The worst outcome is that someone says, "No, thanks." Success is never assured but failure is guaranteed if I don't even bother to try.
#2 Prepare at least one new recipe a week. I consider myself an average cook but with more initiative and practice, who knows what I'm capable of in the kitchen . . . !
#3 Recapture the enjoyment of eating. I will not let calorie-counting cloud all the positive aspects of food. It's not about eating more but rather eating more mindfully and choosing healthy foods consciously and conscientiously.
#4 Always cherish and be thankful for what I already have rather than pine for things I don't really need.

That's it! Now, I happily pass this on to:

Christine at Maman and Gourmand (aka Mistress of Cakes)
Joie de Vivre

Thank you, Lori at Fake Food Free for passing along this Fabulous blog award!

I'm so pleased and flattered that you've enjoyed reading my blog as much as I've enjoyed yours. Per the Fabulous Award rules, I must pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs and list 5 fabulous addictions.

So this award goes out to:

The Daily Spud - Insightful, original and adventurous Spudness.
Gastroanthropology - Food and travel with beautiful photography and compelling commentary.
Diary of a Fanatic Foodie - Fun, funny, funtastic.
The Behind the Wheel Chef - a dynamic blog from a dynamo blogger.
History of Greek Food - Educational, socially conscientious and an amazing source for authentic Greek recipes.

And my five addictions are:

1) Coffee
2) My elliptical machine
3) Crunchy, sugary cereals
4) Collecting recipes
5) Blogging

My coffee addiction: beans from Brazil, Peru and the Philippines

Congratulations and keep up the fabulous foodie-ness!


  • Chef E said...

    Oh, I love it, the blog and the award...I am too working on 'serious' writing this year, and just signed a contract with an editor...food is a passion, but a dream was to write a few books with my own artwork in them...

    You have a fabulous foodie-ness weekend!

    Oh, and great choices to pass this on to, you might have to *pop* them and let them know...I see low activity this weekend on blogs!

  • Unknown said...

    Oh boy...lol. Now I have to come up with some New Years Resolutions. JK. I will have this done by tomorrow it should be really fun! I have an idea who I am going to tag hehe *evil eyebrow wag*

  • Anonymous said...

    You really are too kind (not to mention fabulous!) - I will have to get my thinking cap on and decide where to send the award to next - you've already sent it to some of the blogs that would have been top of my list :)

  • Tangled Noodle said...

    Chef E - My pleasure and thank you for the advice! I dropped a line to everyone, just in case.

    Christine - I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Daily Spud - There are so many great ones like yours out there. It's so much fun finding them!

    Heather - Did you already have this? If so, then go ahead and double it - you deserve it!!

  • Chef E said...

    Tangled- ooooppps, I hope foodies realize I meant 50/50, typing fast can cause a lot of problems, lol, and I noticed early this morning going through blogs that I am not the only one that posts; then re-edits :)

    Actually, those cookies are almost mean't to dissolve in the mouth with regular flour, but I like my cookies with more mouth feel and fiber (healthier)

  • Anonymous said...

    Tangled - I haven't posted and shared my award yet due to technical difficulties...well not difficulties, lets just say the tech part of blogging is not my forte! Hopefully I can get it figured out soon. I just saw History of Greeks foods list - some great blogs...and a few right up our alley!

  • Tangled Noodle said...

    Gastroanth - I've been having tech probs myself with posting comments directly on others' blogs. Hope it works out! I can't wait to explore History of Greek Food's list, too. It's so great to see blogs that others have discovered - looking forward to seeing your Fab 5 list!

  • Lori said...

    You are so welcome! Love your blog! Your number 4 for fingers crossed cracked me up. We need some help in that area with our pug. :)

    I got to try jackfruit/jaca/langka this morning at the feira. I love the taste - like a cross between banana and passion fruit. The texture will take some getting used to. :)

  • Tangled Noodle said...

    Lori - Cruise, the tooting Boxer, can clear a room in under 5 seconds! Tip: we give him a Tbsp of plain yogurt on his kibble - it does help. Happy to hear you've tried jackfruit. The flavor is easy to love but I agree that the texture - firm and a bit stringy - may take a bit of getting used to (cooking or baking helps to soften it).

  • Cris said...

    Just a correction here: heheheh another international trip this year... to Brazil! My addictions are similar to yours! Just number 3 is different, I prefer nuts I think.


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