I know it's not the most exciting read, but FYI...


My posts usually include a recipe and while I am confident in calling some of them my own, those that are adapted from, inspired by or belong entirely to another person or source shall be properly cited as such. I use David Leibovitz's "Recipe Attribution" post at Food Blog Alliance as a guideline .

I'm thrilled when anyone not related by blood or marriage reads my blog and downright delighted when you leave a comment. I ask only that comments stay on topic and remain courteous.

Complimentary products may be accepted by me with the understanding that I may choose not to write about them. Free products or other forms of compensation that are accepted by me and are subsequently featured on this blog will be disclosed as such, per the FTC's 2009 Revised Endorsement and Testimonial Guides.

Reviews are my personal opinions of products that I have actually used, places I've visited and other direct experiences.

Photographs and graphics created by others are sourced primarily from Wikimedia.org and Flickr through Creative Commons licenses. These materials are credited by name and/or with a link back to the online source, when applicable. All other photographs and materials are my own original work.

Attribution for direct quotes and information used in this blog is given via direct links (when applicable), footnotes, works cited lists and bibliographies.

Tangled Noodle operates under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Photographs, portions of text and other content created by me may be used in another online work provided that attribution within the text of the new content is linked back to my blog (i.e. "...by Tangled Noodle" + hyperlink).

However, a blog post may NOT be re-posted or re-printed in its entirety (including full text without photographs), even if attribution is given.

For commercial use online or in print publications, live presentations or other works not available online, please email me for permission. For non-commercial offline use, I would still appreciate knowing about it...

For any other questions regarding the content of Tangled Noodle, please email me at tanglednoodle@gmail.com

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