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Sunday, May 31, 2009 72 comments

Grilled Lamb Loin Chops with Yogurt & Mint Potato Salad

"The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity." -- Doug Horton

There's a lot to be said for complexity: the intricacies of form, function and meanings - whether in artistic endeavors or technological production - serve to create a tangle of elements that most of us are quite happy to spend hours unraveling, identifying and mastering. Just as we are fascinated with people who have enigmatic characters, we celebrate foods that have a depth of flavor; in both cases, the allure lies in the complicated, from myriad facets of personality in the former to multifarious ingredients and techniques in the latter. 

Complexity is great but sometimes, simplicity is good.

I actually enjoy meeting people whose worldviews may not be profound but whose sincerity and generosity of spirit are genuine. I love tasting food whose flavor can be described with a single word or making a recipe with ingredients I can count on one hand. Many of you know I can run on and on about how the act of eating is imbued with deeply personal and symbolic meanings, but even I realize that we often eat just because we're hungry. 

There are times when I don't want to work the puzzle or figure out the mystery, when I'd rather leave it to others to scrutinize Mona Lisa's smile while I content myself with a Happy Face sticker.

This is such a time. In an effort to accelerate my progress toward graduation, I enrolled in a summer class that condenses 3 months worth of coursework into 3 weeks. So, for several hours a day, I am immersed in the complex issues of cultural transitions and its psychological impact on members of insider/outsider groups. By the time I get home, I don't want to think anymore.

Mr. Noodle's gift of alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian Lily and Lily of the Incas
- quite fitting, given my fascination with this culture!

Last Wednesday (my birthday), I returned from class to find on the kitchen counter a thoughtful gift from Mr. Noodle - a beautiful mixed bouquet of flowers, including alstroemeria. Neither as fragrant as roses nor as showy as lilies, these common blossoms have always been a personal favorite and were even in my wedding bouquet. Later that evening, Mr. Noodle made a refreshing cocktail with a hint of sweetness and a tinge of pink that brought to mind the lovely hues of alstroemerias. The simplicity of both blossom and beverage was the perfect antidote to a day of complex study and I wanted to share it here.

Mr. Noodle is fundamentally opposed to claiming ownership of a recipe with only 3 ingredients; it's very likely that many variations of this already exist in the bartender's canon. However, since it brought to mind the flowers in my bridal bouquet and the fact that tomorrow is the first day of June, the traditional month of weddings, I've christened it with a nuptial theme.

The Bride's Blossom
I originally called this "The Blushing Bride", then discovered that there is already a cocktail by this name. Oops.

Just a hint of pink

For one drink:

1 part Shaker's Raspberry Honey Vodka **
1 part tonic water
Juice from 1/2 lime

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add lime juice and top with equal parts vodka and tonic water. Stir well and garnish with a slice of lime. Alstroemeria blossom optional.

**This particular brand may no longer be in production so please feel free to use another raspberry-infused vodka. However, you may wish to add a bit of simple syrup to boost sweetness.

For even more pretty-hued drinks, check out the delicious concoctions from Greg at SippitySup, who invokes coolly glamorous sophistication with the Aviation Cocktail, and Diva on a Diet at Beach Eats whose sleight of hand turns a Spiked Blueberry Lemonade into a magnificent magenta refresher.

These two bloggers also deserve credit for my next offering: shortly after Greg posted his Minty Mashed Potatoes as part of Mint Week, the Diva confirmed that it's officially potato salad season (per Papa Diva). Between them, I was inspired to make a favorite summer stand-by that is definitely in keeping with my need for simplicity. 

While dinners in the Noodle household have recently been of the very quick and easy variety, it doesn't mean that we've given up on great flavor. One of Mr. Noodle's favorites is the rich, gamey taste of lamb loin chops, which he grills unmarinated, unseasoned and barely on the safe side of rare. Instead of a traditional mint sauce to go directly over the meat, I paired it with a delicious potato salad in a fresh yogurt and mint dressing.

Mint and Yogurt Potato Salad
This recipe comes from Cooking Light** magazine; unfortunately, I did not record the publication date and it does not appear on their website. This is the recipe in its entirety and original form.

**Update 6/8/09 - I found this same recipe posted in Recipes section, dated 7/99! 


2 lbs fingerling or other small potatoes, halved
1 cup whole milk yogurt
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 clove minced garlic
2 scallions, thinly sliced
1/2 cup mint leaves, thinly sliced

To make:

1. Place the potatoes in a large pot and add cold salted water to cover. Bring to a boil, lower the heat and simmer until potatoes are tender, about 15 minutes;
2. Drain potatoes and place in a large bowl;
3. In a small bowl, whisk together the yogurt, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. 
4. Pour mixture over the hot potatoes, toss and allow to cool to room temperature (although the sauce may appear runny at first, it will thicken upon cooling);
5. Toss again with scallions, garnish with mint and serve.

Wishing you a simply delightful summer meal!

A birthday bouquet from my sweet sisters in California!


  • Anonymous said...

    Mr Noodle (tee hee) is so SWEET!
    and awesome post here...I loved reading about your insights on simplicity...I myself am not a simple person. I have too many complex thoughts and ideas, and that actually hinders me from peace and satisfaction. so I agree with you...simplicity is good!

  • Jenn said...

    I hope my future husband can be like Mr. Noodle. Very sweet of him. I can definitely go for a slass or two of that Bride's Blossom though. Perfect name for it. You know, this is the second potato salad I seen today I think it's calling me to make some.

  • Susan @ SGCC said...

    So many lovely things to look at all in one place! The flowers are just beautiful. I had Alstroemeria in my bridal bouquet too.

    I'm really feeling that potato salad. It looks wonderful! I think I'll have one of those cocktails while I make some. ;)

  • gastroanthropologist said...

    I love the way you write. We had lamb chops a few nights ago as well and I had it with a cold roasted beet salad smothered in yogurt and mint. Lamb with something minty - delicious!

    Raspberry Honey Vodka - Oh, I hope this still exists. Vodka is my liquor of choice, always, and this sounds like an awesome combination.

  • Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

    You have the most incredible pictures. Always a wow to see.

    I tend to like simple these days. I've made a potato salad similar with dill and sour cream and never thought to use yogurt. What a great idea.

    Enjoy summer school. I went to summer school every year when I was in college and it helped me finish sooner. They do cram everything in though.

  • Anonymous said...

    Your beloved Mr. Noodle rocks. Tell him I said so! 3 months condensed into 3 weeks?! You, my friend, are a Glutton for Punishment, but there's something to be said for being able to think "this time next month, I will be DONE DONE DONE with this class!"

  • Anonymous said...

    The potato salad is wonderful with mint and yogurt and so nice with the grilled lamb! Wonderful summer dish and the refreshing drink is perfect!

  • Marta said...

    I'm loving that light potato salad. Come to think of it, the yogurt must be a better "dressing" for potatos anyway, even without trying to make it "light". Mayo just makes it unpleasantly rich!
    Lovely cocktail creation, I like the name, very delicate!

  • Juliana said...

    Very the potato salad with yogurt...not only tasty but healthy :-) and the drink looks fantastic...very refreshing. Thank you so posting the flowers pictures...they are really nice and soothing.

  • Sippity Sup said...

    There is so much to comment on here I am unsure where to start...oh yeah! Cocktails. That get my attention. I also notice your way with mint well done! GREG

  • Jennifer said...

    To start you talk about my mom's favorite flower alstroemeria: the best thing aobut this flower is I can buy it when money is low and it lasts for weeks. Second you make me a drink and finally a lovely potato salad: hugs and kisses to you!

    Ok, now we need to come up with our next co-post darling.

  • Lori said...

    I find that the heat and lack of convenience in my Brazilian kitchen has turned me into a simple meal fan. Likewise I've grown to appreciate the simple things.

    I haven't tried that variety of vodka. It sounds wonderful!

    Such beautiful flowers! Glad to hear you had a Happy Birthday.

  • Jamie said...

    Ah, yes, sometimes I enjoy the complicated and the complex, dissecting, analyzing, savoring, but sometimes simple is the best. Love the potato salad recipe and I would love to try that this summer. Perfect! And the drink sounds pretty fab too! (and so does Mr. Noodle)

  • Anonymous said...

    The Bride's Blossom is so cute with a little blush of pink. Mr. Noodle is a romantic, eh? Summer classes are so accelerated sometimes they'd make my head spin, but it was worth it to get it over with sooner. Hang in there.

  • Tangled Noodle said...

    Thank you for all the lovely comments, especially about Mr. Noodle!

    MrsLavendula - Thank you! It's greatly appreciated, considering that you have a close connection to photography.

    Burpandslurp - He's the best! But I know what you mean about having so many thoughts and ideas hindering serenity. I tend to overanalyze many things and it can mean a restless mind . . .

    Foodcreate - Thanks! I just popped over to your site and look forward to going through it a bit more closely. I particularly like the "News" feature!

    Ciao Chow Linda - Thank you! It's nice to prepare a meal that's satisfying without being it being a chore.

    Jenn - Some day, your Noodle will come! The drink was delicious but I'm concerned that the raspberry honey vodka is not being made anymore - the company (a MN distillery) looks like it's changing ownership. As for the potato salad, I've been seeing it everywhere - I had it on the brain!

    Chow and Chatter - He's a darling and the class is taking up most of my waking hours. I've fallen so behind on my blog reading that my comments are usually along the lines of, "Sorry I haven't been around much lately . . . "!

    Chef E - Thank you! Mr. Noodle was extremely proud of those grill marks!

    Heather - Even our tastebuds need something simple and direct from time to time! I love most any kind of potato salad myself.

    Angie - Thank you so much! I've got my trusty little digital camera - nothing fancy, just like the food it photographs! 8-)

    Susan - Aren't alstroemerias the loveliest - they're like a cross between orchids and lilies. Absolutely sip this cocktail (or any other) while making the potato salad. Might as well be relaxed and refreshed as you cook!

    Elra - Lamb is our favorite but I have to pace ourselves. I don't want to eat it so often that we get sick of it!

    Deb - Thank you! This was a truly collaborative effort although Mr. Noodle really deserves most of the credit for the flowers, drink and the lamb.

    Gastroanthropologist - That cold-roasted beet salad sound wonderful! A fellow blogger is going to be so disappointed in me but I thought I recently saw a beet salad on another site. Have you posted your recipe before? I'd love to try it!

    And if you have any special vodka cocktails that you enjoy, please let us know! Mr. Noodle is always on the lookout for new recipes and we've recently been hooked on the Moscow Mule posted by Diva on a Diet at! The only bummer is that Shaker's Vodka appears to have been bought out (they were based here in MN) and their current website makes no mention of this version. 8-(

    Sophie - Thank you! I may just have to continue putting these 3 items together for future meals - they seem to complement each other so well!

    Sam - Thank you so much! This was the first recipe I came across using yogurt and I loved it immediately. It still has a creamy texture but a more tangy flavor that's so fresh.

    I'm enjoying the class but I do wish that I'd been more ambitious about taking classes - now I'm impatient to finish!

  • Tangled Noodle said...

    Sorry for breaking up the responses like this but apparently, there is a character limit per response box!

    OPC - I told him and he just blushed! 8-D I brought this torment on myself by being such a procrastinator and flibbertigibbet (finally - I've always wanted to use that word!) But the course is actually quite fascinating so I'm not suffering too much. But I can't wait until I'm DONE DONE DONE!!

    Doggybloggy - Thank you and believe me, I couldn't take the photos fast enough! It would've been criminal to let that chop get cold!

    Mediterranean Kiwi - I can certainly appreciate expressions of artistry and skill with food but when we let it be, the different ingredients that make up a dish can speak for themselves.

    5 Star - Thank you so much! Perhaps the only thing we missed was that we didn't dine outside that evening. Next time . . .

    Munchkin Mommy - Thank you! Your birthday greetings are absolutely welcome - I love being able to continue celebrating my birthday a while longer!

    Sweta - Wow! We're almost like Gemini Twins! 8-D

    Fahrenheit 350 - Thank you so much! I've been lax about visiting so don't be surprised if you see a flurry of comments on one day as I catch up!

    Duo Dishes - Thank you! I talked about simplicity but sometimes, I can't help but (over)think about simple matters! 8-D

    Reeni - He is the best and I'm so lucky! Thanks so much!

    Marta - Thank you! And I also think that yogurt makes the best dressing for these kinds of salads. It's still very creamy but with a fresh, tangy flavor and definitely much less calories. I used Dannon Whole Milk Plain Yogurt but I bet it would be even better using a Greek-style yogurt!

    Juliana - Obrigada! I just had to show the flowers that I received for my birthday - they truly were the best gifts. They're still blooming and I smile when I see them every morning.

  • Tangled Noodle said...

    Okay, Part III of responses!

    Pigpigscorner - He is wonderful but you're a new bride yourself so you'll be experiencing years of the same kind of joy!

    Helen - Simple can be so restorative when the mind is in a jumble and the body is tired out! Thank you so much!

    Chocolate Shavings - Thank you so much! I just popped over to your site (love the udon, pork and shitake soup) and noted how you came about your name as a way to highlight the fact that 'simple' - such as chocolate shavings on a dessert - can actually elevate a dish to extraordinary! I'll be visiting again.

    Greg - Thank you! I may not be as successful with tomatoes but even I can't kill off the mint so might as well put it to good use. Still on the search for Creme de Violette, though . . .

    Beancounter - I bet they're the same! The bouquet that Mr. Noodle gave me had ones of a deeper, almost purplish hue. I think I like the names Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas better, though. 8-)

    Carolyn - They were such a lovely surprise and perked me up right away. I'm definitely hanging on the guy! 8-)

    Lisa - There are plenty of times when I feel up to the challenge but simple is such a soother when things start getting wound up. The drink was a soother, too! 8-) And it's definitely potato salad season.

    Jennifer - Yes! They are so lovely, like little lilies or orchids and they don't wilt away so quickly like the others . . . And we'll definitely have to put our noggins together. When classes are done, I'm going to try to get back to my crafting so that if we ever do a challenge again, I might be able to offer some sort of prize!

    Teanna - Thank you! Both are definitely refreshing!

    Shannon - Thank you so much! I've really been enjoying making, photographing and finally, eating, these dishes! 8-D

    Nora - Thank you! The salad is addictive - I put away the leftovers but ended up opening the fridge and nibbling on them all night!

    Lori - Although simplicity is sometimesdue to necessity and not choice, it may seem like a downgrade. But I find that it reminds me about how great the basics can be. As for the vodka, it is really delicious - I just hope they start making it again! Thank you!

    Jamie - I'm really fortunate in my life's mate, and not just because he's an awesome bartendedr! 8-) Solving the puzzle can be a lot of fun but when I feel that I don't have enough hours in the day, it can be a chore.

    JH - Thank you! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this!

    Curiousdomestic - That little hint of pink packed quite a bit of sweet raspberry flavor! And even if he won't admit it, Mr. Noodle is definitely a romantic at heart! This is my first accelerated course and it's left me with little time for extracurricular activities (like blogging!) but it will be worth it in the end. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Hornsfan said...

    happy happy birthday (or belated birthday at this point)! mr. noodle certainly did a lovely job with the cocktail and the bouquet - sounds like it was a lovely birthday surprise. i know how demanding summer courses can be and just how nice it is to have an easy, low-key evening after hours of intense study, good luck with the summer school!

  • Jackie said...

    You surprise us every time. This lamb looks seared to perfection. I wish I could grab one piece. Thank you so much for your private message about the mocha flan cake. I gotta admit I was a little bummed out it didn't work in a large pan. But you're right, next time I'll try in individual ramekins. Great recipes and photos, as usual. Keep up the great work!

  • Jo said...

    Your Mr Noodle is so cute and the recipes are really delicious looking. I agree with Simple is Good but these are great!

  • gastroanthropologist said...

    Hey Tangled Noodle - Your #4 via random selection and that means you are the winner of my give away! I'm sorry I couldn't access your email through your blogger profile. Would you mind emailing me so I can sort out the details to get your prize to you?

  • The Diva on a Diet said...

    (((((Noodle))))) ... that is me giving you a great BIG HUG! Thank you so much for the shout-out here and I'm thrilled to learn that you and Mr. Noodle have been enjoying the Moscow Mule. Yay!

    I'm quite taken with your Bride's Blossom cocktail as well. Its gorgeous! I'm also excited about the minted potato salad ... what a great idea! I love fresh mint in anything. Yum.

    Again, great BIG thanks to you for your kind words and your beautiful, generous spirit! :)

  • Sippity Sup said...

    I know I already commented, but I can't wait for a new post. I saw your comment about So Cal Peruvian and the LA Times. I go to so many of those places regularly. AND I know some sort of sister (sister in law?) had Peruvian with Spud. So I just had to comment! Not that I am stalking you...GREG

  • zerrin said...

    How sweet Mr Noodle is! Those flowers are so beautiful, more than roses or lilacs.
    I must try "The blushing bride", I'm sure it will be great in these hot summer days. One of my friend will have a wedding ceremony soon, I can surprise her with this drink just before her marriage. Thanks for the recipe.

    Also, the potato salad looks so tasty! I love this combination of yogurt, fresh mint and potato. I also add some chopped black olives on the top for garnishing. So simple, so healthy!

  • Anonymous said...

    What a lovely springy post. The cocktail that Mr. Noodle developed sounds divine and refreshing - I could do with one now. All the pictures of flowers made for a heavenly way to start a day.

    I saw the topic was lamb and had to wait until Mr. Oyster left the room to have a peak as I know we'd be having lamb for dinner if he caught a glimpse.

  • Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

    Engineers (my area) tend to make simple things, in complex ones so 100% agree with the quote: simple in general is better :)

    More of Peru culture wow lovely flower pic! Love a yogurt salad healthy and delicious!



  • Tangled Noodle said...

    2 weeks down, 1 more to go then I can really have a summer break!

    Hornsfan - Thank you so much! They really perked me up; it's a bit of a bummer when your birthday falls on a work or school day. Don't they know it's a special day? 8-)

    Jackie - Thank you, although Mr. Noodle deserves all the credit for the lamb! I'm sorry that the cake didn't turn out as well as hoped - I haven't tried the whole cake myself yet but I will do so soon, if only to see what may have to be done differently to unmold it versus the individual dishes. But I really appreciate the fact that you tried it out!

    Jo - Thank you! He's a keeper and I'm lucky to have him. He was responsible for 3/4 of the good stuff on this post - flowers, drink and grilled lamb!

    Ozge - You are too sweet and kind! 8-D I love what you've done with your blog and your bright, happy recipes!

    Gastroanthropologist - Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to receive the preserves. Woo-hoo!

    Diva - You are most welcome but please know that you've been a huge inspiration for me! And I'm not kidding that the Moscow Mule is like mother's milk in the Noodle household now! The one thing we have yet to do is get proper ginger beer - that's on the list for this weekend.

    Greg - Oooooh! I'm so envious - the only Peruvian place we tried in the LA area (it was in Hermosa Beach) was El Pollo Inka. And yes, Spud and my sister-in-law, OysterCulture, had a great lunch at La Mar. I'm still working through my envy for that episode! 8-)
    Stalk away . . . I'm always pleased when you comment here!

    Cris - Obrigada! I take my cue from your lovely posts.

    Zerrin - Thank you so much! Mr. Noodle is the sweetest and he knew exactly what would brighten me up when I came home that day. I do hope that you and your friend will enjoy the drink.
    As for the potato salad, I love your suggestion of adding chopped olives. As good as it tastes this way, I've been trying to think of other, simple ingrdients to add to it to give it just a little bit extra. Thank you!

    Oysterculture - If we hadn't run out of the raspberry honey vodka, I'd be sipping another one right now! The flowers, believe it or not, as still doing well. And I know what you mean about letting the husbands know about lamb - Mr. Noodle sometimes forgets we have some in the freezer. I'll run through a list of dinner possibilities and if I utter 'lamb' then I might as well just stop there and get to cooking!

    Neenacreates - He's been getting plenty of accolades; I have to make sure they don't go to his head!

    Gera - Thank you! My husband's background is also in engineering so he's always amused when I do things that take so much effort with such little yield. As for Peru culture (and South American culture in general), I'm a bit obsessed so this won't be the last you'll hear of it! 8-)

  • Jescel said...

    isn't it lovely when your hubby shows you how they appreciate you by simple things such as their choice of flower? awesome. i'm sure mr. noodle scored points that night huh? lovely drink and a good potato salad. i, for one, find so much beauty in simplicity.

  • Daily Spud said...

    Hey there, I'm still playing catchup with my blog reading and I tune in to see that you've made potato salad and this within weeks of your causa - have I got a spud convert on my hands? :)

    It also reminds me about the rice/potato exchange we talked about (I hadn't forgotten, honest) - maybe we'll revisit that when you're done with your classes - I owe you a rice dish bigtime by now.

  • Scotty Snacks said...

    Goodness, these photos look amazing - I almost want to scratch and sniff the screen!! And, digging the MINT flare, making use of that fruitful garden I see, aa ;)

    PS - HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY!! Here's to a solid 2009 and many many many many more thereafter! Snack on, Tangled Noodle, or should I say @TangledNoodle ;)

  • Cynthia said...

    I can't agree more. Sometimes you just want to sit back and just let things be without having to scrutinize and peel back all the layers of something. I think this Bride's Blossom would be the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing day. Anyway, that 3-week class sounds killer, good luck!

  • Michele said...

    Noodle, what a lovely post! Gorgeous pictures and tasty looking recipes.
    I have been out of the kitchen for too long. I need to get cooking again....

  • Admin said...

    Your Mona Lisa's smile vs. Happy Face comment is hilarious. So true! Thanks for a great post and a reminder that the simple things in life are often the best and that it doesn't take much at all for a person to be truly happy.

    Plus ... the food looks great. Grilled meat and potato salad ... yes, simple is good.

  • Rico said...

    Simple is not just good ...simple is the best...I find that dishes like that uncomplicated and easy to prepare are the tastier and the more rewarding, and you exemplified here beautifully with this one a little lamb chop with a very simple but delicious potato salad, nice clean flavours and just look at the picture..well enough said kisses xxx :)

  • Tangled Noodle said...

    Bad student! I spent the weekend loafing about rather than doing research for my paper . . .

    HistoryofGreekFood - It's so nice to see you back on your blog! I missed your wonderful posts. Thank you for the birthday greetings - I love receiving them anytime since it allows me to continue celebrating!

    Jescel - He certainly did! It was such a lovely surprise and the flowers lasted soooo long. I was able to enjoy for days!

    Spud - I'll hold you to that! I think my recent run of tater dishes has been inspired by your posts on 'rarities' - I never realized how limited my spud choices are! I've always been a fan but now I'm bordering on obsessed! Now, I just have to figure out how to get potatoes and coconuts in one dish . . with rice, of course!

    ScottySnacks - The mint is out of control - aside from drinks and potato salads, I need to come up with more minty snacks! Thanks for the b-day greetings. 8-)

    I'm so talky, it's hard to limit myself to 140 . . .!

    Gaby - Thank you! And a big happy birthday to you, too. Sorry I haven't been by your site regularly but I hope that I can catch up soon!

    Cynthia - Thank you! The class is almost done but my procrastinating nature always makes the last few the days the toughest - I'm cramming all my research and writing into a couple of days. 8-)

    I'll definitely need more of these drinks!

    Michele - Thank you! And definitely head back in there . . . let's see what goodies you've been storing up lately!

    Phanitha - Thank you! I'll be by soon to see what I've been missing.

    Leela - Thank you so much! I have a tendency to overanalyze even the most mundane issues so it's nice to just let my brain relax!

    Ricardo - Obrigada! You're right - when I make a more complicated dish, I spend a lot of time worrying if it will look and taste right. But when I make a simple recipe that I've made so often, it's so nice just to be able to enjoy it at leisure . . .

  • Phyllis said...

    Hi TN, that lamb with the perfect grill marks and the minted potato salad look fabulous. Not only is my mouth watering but I'm also experiencing severe "camera envy" since my trusty little digital camera crapped out on me today (R.I.P. little camera). Mr. Noodle sounds like a real sweetie pie, will be getting Hubby Kris to take notes!

  • Tangled Noodle said...

    Nora - Thank you! Speaking of lamb, I just saw your grilled leg of lamb and lamb samosa recipes - I'll be sure to make those soon.

    Phyllis - Oh no! Poor, poor camera! But it gave its life to taking such lovel pics for you. Perhaps and the crickets and mangosteens were too much for it to handle . . . 8-P

    But look on the bright side: this is a great reason to get some kind of kick-*ss SLR! I saw a photojournalist-blogger's recommendation of Canon G10 ($500 - yikes!) but since you're a successful blogger now, it may be well-justified . . .
    You and Kris have gems in each other!

  • Phyllis said...

    Gee, I wish I could afford a $500 SLR camera (champagne wishes and caviar dreams!). I think it was the 4,000 pics I took in Vancouver that did it in. So I guess I'll be writing about my vacation until I get a new camera! (and yes, my darling Kris is a gem for sure, he referred to chef Hubert Keller on Top Chef Masters tonight first as "that au pair guy" and then later as "jean luc picard")

    And LOL!!! - if by 'successful' you mean that I have 10 people reading my blog!

  • Tangled Noodle said...

    Phyllis - Maybe we can do some kind of camera time-share! 8-D
    That's a lot of pictures but I'd love to see them, given that I've always wanted to visit Vancouver but have not yet had the chance. So posts about your visit are eagerly anticipated!
    I didn't see Top Chef Masters last night - I had one last reading assignment before my last class. Hopefully I can catch a repeat. 8-)


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